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Monday, October 24, 2005

A Banadiri Calls for Arab Support

-Banadir is the coastal region of southern Somalia extending from Warsheikh in the north as far south as Ras Kiamponi. As many of your readers will know, Somalia represents one of the worst cases of state failure in post-colonial Africa.-
Since 1991 Somali people and communities have struggled to survive without a central government. Political loyalties are based on clan and region than party. For over 14 years, the Banadiri ethnic groups have remained under the occupation of thugs and armed militias and people continue to have no civil rights.
With the exception of Mogadishu, no schools were ever built, no clinics ever planned, while the most oppressive police units were always assigned to this region. Extortion, kidnapping and blackmail are the order of the day, while men and women are at the mercy of bandits.
We do not have support from Arab governments, agencies or NGOs. As members of the Banadiri community living in Somalia, we want to establish networks and develop our community to reduce poverty. We will develop ourselves, but we are looking for Arab civil society organizations that would be willing to sponsor our efforts. Thank you.
Source: Middle East Times, Oct. 24, 2005


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