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Monday, October 17, 2005

Is that NOT a shame?

It is over a year now since the Transitional federal Government was set up in Nairobi, Kenya with the view of ending the Somali crisis. What we found out is the opposite. It seems that the anarchy and the chaos that had swept all across the nation is being prolonged instead of bringing it to a halt.

The evil split of the government has caused escalating security problems, senseless killings, starvation and destitution to name but a few. In this short write, I would like to address my pleas to Mr. Right in Jowhar and Mr. Right in Mogadishu.
Each one is right on his own way but would this ugly tussle between them shorten the gap of difference? No, I dare say. I would only widen it. I recently visited an IDP camp (internally displaced populations camp) in Mogadishu and tried to assess their views as regards to political impasse in Somalia. What an elder man in the camp said to me is still ringing in my head.
He said "My dear friend we understand all what is taking place in Jowhar and Mogadishu and we share the problem with our fellow Somali men and women but this child of mine" pointing his finger to a two year old kid "is Hungary. Can he understand what President Yusuf and Parliament speaker are talking about? "The Somali leaders are well fed and have no worry about where their next bread will come from.
So they can tour the world, enjoy the luxury of expensive hotels and impressive press coverage. They were sworn in to save the Somali child but their difference in interest-oriented political opinion and outlook is killing our children every day in Somalia. Please share this poem with me:
The food is not enough
They hardly eat a meal
They are malnourished
They are hungry kids
They are IDP children
They live with shortages
The water is not enough
They carry blue jerigans
They fetch unclean water
Their Sanitation is poor
They scratch itching skins
They wipe away acid tears
The shelter is not enough
They live in a makeshift room
It is built of plastic sheets
Furnished with empty cardboards
The lucky ones sleep close to mom
Over the meagre heat they scramble
And no one bothers about their quandary
The government celebrated its 1st anniversary
MP's celebrated the day they were selected
In big hotels they held expensive receptions
But their speeches lacked the plight of Somali children
They ignored their appalling conditionIs that not a shame?

Abdi-Noor Mohamed
Mogadishu, Somalia


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