Center for Peace and Democracy (CPD)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Profile of the Center for Peace and Democracy (CPD)


The Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) is a non profit and non governmental organization dedicated to strengthening peace, promoting democracy and providing human rights education in the war torn nation of Somalia. The organization provides trainings and other resources in partnership with communities, organizations, trainers, and other non-profit organizations with which we share a common vision for change.

CPD was founded in Mogadishu Somalia on 15th of September 2003 by a group of Somali intellectuals, in response to the democracy and governance crisis generated by protracted civil warfare.

CPD Board members and staff are committed to stand and seek the promotion of democracy, peace enhancement and the defence of human rights in Somalia. The organization is seeking to achieve its goal with the support collaboration and co-operation of the international and national civil society organizations and advocates.

CPD is headquartered in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia but has representative sub offices in Kismayo, in the Jubba Valley, Adado in the central zone regions and Marka, in the lower Shabelle region. These regions are the most hostile areas in Somalia since the collapse of the previous Somali military government in 1991. CPD targeted these regions because the human rights violations committed and other atrocities against the rights of normal Somali citizens are very high and the communities’ awareness of their rights is very low.

The objective of CPD is to reach the entire country with the message of democracy and peace, for maximum impact.

CPD has a sense of duty to secure a sustainable observance of human rights in Somalia, promote democracy and strengthen peace through provision of trainings to human rights advocates, media staff and other civil society organizations at large. The organization also conducts investigations, human rights monitoring, and researching and documenting cases of human rights abuses.


We envision a peaceful and democratic Somali state in which all people live in communities that are sustainable, healthy and in harmony with the natural environment. This is a state free of the violence that results from human greed and fear, where people live with cultural dignity and where social and economic justice flourish. We believe in a process in which people engage one another in action and dialogue and value the common good above the comfort of a few.

We envision a democratic environment where individuals and communities live in equitable relationships, working together to create mutually beneficial solutions that honour and respect each other's ways of life.

We envision Somalia as a peaceful and democratic environment where all people live in dignity, respect, and human rights preserved in which every one knows his/her rights and obligations.

As an organization we challenge ourselves to learn and grow, and we encourage others to ask questions, find solutions and take action to confront and eliminate oppression.


¨ Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) works to strengthen a broad-based social justice movement that embodies, embraces, and honours many cultures to create the new systems and institutions essential to building a peaceful, just, and equitable Somali state.
CPD Goals:

1. To affirm and support oppressed communities as key leaders in a broad-based movement, who develop the analysis and strategies, needed to transform institutions and systems.

2. To strengthen community based and other intermediary training organizations that provide trainings, resource materials, political education, planning and critical thinking tools for community-based organizations and grassroots groups.

3. To support community-based organizations and grassroots groups to develop and implement models of training that emerge from their different cultures.

4. To support youth to articulate their realities and to develop analyses, critical thinking, and strategic action in order to challenge and transform the environment around them.

5. To encourage creating opportunities for networking and alliance building by community organizations, membership organizations, and coalitions to engage each other in healthy ideological debates and dialogues which further movement building and strategic visioning.

6. To support the development and dissemination of analysis and curricula that clarifies the role of the Somali state and other governments, multi-national corporations, and other systems and institutions in structuring unjust, exploitative, and oppressive relationships among the Somali communities.

7. To support international struggles and create opportunities to learn from and share movement-building strategies from international perspectives.

8. To increase the resources available to the movement, while expanding and diversifying our base of support.

Core Values and Principles:

We envision CPD as an institution characterized by its commitment to the following Core Values and Principles:

1. Accountability to our stakeholders through their ownership of and involvement in the work of the organization.

2. Promoting Transparency, Openness, Freedom of Expression and Social Responsibility.

3. Empowerment, Equality of opportunity and Feminist principles in the conceptualisation and implementation of our programs.

4. Professionalism that adds value to the challenges of redefining human security and peace-building in Somalia by building a knowledge base of lessons that can be shared across class, and gender divides.

5. Humility in the course of our work and respect for diversity of views through the promotion of universal ideals within culturally sensitive contexts.

Core Objectives

CPD seeks to:

1. Theories and systematize the relationship between democracy and development by analysing the Somali experience.

2. Research the theoretical and practical aspects of security, democratisation and development in Somalia, drawing on lessons from transitions elsewhere.

3. Help establish and sustain institutional structures that will serve the constitutional management of economic, social, gender and civil-military relations.

4. Create training modules in democracy building, human rights, governance, civil society leadership etc.

5. Devise strategies for peace building and de-escalation of conflicts at local, national and regional levels.

6. Provide the international community with regular, well-annotated briefing materials on the state of democracy and development in Somalia.

7. Provide a bridge between academy, policy and activism.

CPD Board of Directors:

The Center for Peace and Democracy (CPD) is governed by elected Board of Directors. The board of directors contain 15 members that are divided into two group namely, the Executive Board and the Governing Council. The executive board is the decision making body of (CPD) and it is composed of 5 members including the Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Program Coordinator and the Chief Accountant.

The Governing Council is the parliamentary unit of CPD that works on guiding, advising and correcting the strategies of CPD. The governing council also works as the management committee that manages and run the daily operations of the organization. The management committee works under the guidelines of the Program Coordinator, while the Program Coordinator reports directly to CPD Chairman.

Ali Said Omar Ibrahim
Vice Chairman
Abdullahi Farah Wehlie

General Secretary
Lul Abdi Mohamed

Chief Accountant
Abdikarim Mohamed Hersi

Program Coordinator
Ubah Hassan Mohamed


Fadumo Sharif

Logistics Officer

Mohamed Abdi Ali
International Relations

Mohamed Abdi Nur

Anab Ali Sheikh
CPD Representative in Sweden

Dahir Ahmed Kulane

CPD Representative in the UK

Hassan Derie Ali
CPD Representative in Kenya

Asha Abdi Barre
Public Relations Director

Moahmed Ali Fanah

Media Advisor

Ali Mohamed Halane
Socio-Political Advisor

Ibrahim Ali Hassan


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