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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Russian Federation: Six years after the bombing of the Grozny market nobody held accountable

Vienna, 24 October 2005. Last week marked the sixth anniversary of a heinous crime -- the bombing of the market, the mosque and the maternity hospital in Grozny, in which between 100 and 120 civilians died and another 400 were wounded.

This cruel attack on three civilian institutions in the very beginning of the second Chechen war epitomizes the essence of that war, whose primary victims are peaceful residents. The memory of this crime is already overshadowed by numerous other tragic events, indeed, with Chechnya immersed in a sea of blood and human suffering for the past six years. And the perpetrators still go unpunished.

The IHF mourns the victims of the Grozny bombing as well as all the victims of the war in Chechnya, and urges in the international community to recall the tragic events of October 21, 1999, and call upon the Russian Federation to hold the responsible criminals accountable for their deed. Reconciliation and peace in Chechnya cannot be achieved without ending the climate of impunity and bringing to justice all perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

For more information:International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, Aaron Rhodes, Executive Director; Eliza Moussaeva, Consultant, +43-1-408 88 22


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