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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Open Letter to Former President of the TNG: Abdi Kasim Salad Hassan

I am pleased to be writing to you with all the well wishes of Eid to you, your family, and our nation of Somalia. I have studied your conduct and position during the nation’s early years in its civil war, and your tenure as president. I commend you for not having gone out of your way to practice the old African Traditions of vengeance on the Transitional Federal Government, whose members -- or at least some of them – may have been very vocal and public about your Presidency.

Your restraint shows integrity and command of diplomacy. You are a true statesmanship and I appreciate it sincerely. However, Mr. President, I am, to the same degree, disappointed you stopped short of winning it all by publicly campaigning on behalf of the TFG, while in pursuit of re-instating Law and Order in the Capital city of the nation.

I am convinced that it took all of Somalis -- including its politicians as well as its public, both at home and the Diaspora folks who financed the civil war’s worst period -- to have dismantled the capital of the nation to its current status, and as such, I am convinced the only way it can be resuscitated is by all Somalis working together from all fronts. No one individual or Transitional Government can rekindle all the lamps around Muqadisho alone, for the city to be back to its rightful place. And no leader can or should expect to govern like the days of the October 21, 1969 regime. The times are different and so are the citizens to be governed.

I am therefore asking Your Excellence to contribute to the re-establishment of the capital city of the nation; that you work with the Prime Minister of the TFG, Prof. Ali M. Gedi, and all the members of his Administration, FOR the sake of the nation and its citizens. I will remind you, Mr. President, that your children, grandchildren, and the generations to follow, will forever be appreciative of you and your contributions.

Former President of TNG Mr. Abdulqasim S. Hassan & the Current Somali PM Mr. Ali M. Gedi
Please note, the greatest of men have been those who did the unthinkable and broken all the man-made rules and regulations of diplomacy. For instance, President Abraham Lincoln of the United States stood to all the Southern Farmers in the United States and Freed Black slaves while declaring that all men are created equal, only for him to have lost his life in pursuit of freeing the innocent lives that were in-chains; and the late President of Egypt, Mr. Anwar Asadat, flew in the middle of a war to land on his opponent’s territory for the purpose of ending a war he knew cost his nation far too much, while Mr. Ghandi of India stood against all odds and resisted oppression and abuse with peaceful disobedience, which lead to the collapse of the Empire that was known as the United Kingdom around the world.

And following in Mr. Ghandi’s footsteps, Dr. Martin. L. King Jr. of the United States peacefully resisted Segregation in America and won the hearts and minds of America’s Southern citizens as well as its Northern Yankees, who gave their wealth and time to his cause which became America’s cause for the betterment of all of its citizens; and finally, the late Yitzak Rabbin of Israel crossed the borders of normal-day-politics of the Middle East and shook hands, despite all the threats against his life.

Today, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel is a living example of a man who possesses and practices so much courage and strength while in pursuit of his former foe, the later Prime Minister, Mr. Yitzak Rabbin, who departed as a guiding light of principal summoned in one character.

Now, Mr. President, the question to you is: Will you be Somalia’s man, equal in Statue to the World’s heroes in Mr. Rabbin, Mr. Ghandi, Dr. King Jr, Mr. Asadat,, and resign from your position of silence and stand alongside the Prime Minister, Prof. Ali M. Gedi, and his Administration, and help resuscitate Life into the capital of the nation? Or will you be behind the scenes, orchestrating elements of opposition to the President of the TFG, President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, who may not have comforted you in your days as President of the TNG?

Could it be, Mr. President, that we -- including you and the current members of the TFG heads -- are all victims of our enemies because our enemies may have planted the seeds for us and in us so that Somalia stands stagnant, as a nation without men of courage and strength to see far into the future for the well-being of their nation, while sidelining their past and present differences?

I would be pleased if you would publicly address the nation and people, and accept the challenge before you --- to work with the Prime Minister, Prof. Ali M. Gedi--- and be a Former President who shines even in retirement as does the ONLY President in Somalia’s History, Former President Adan Cade, who stood aside for the sake of his nation, and REFUSED to take primitive positions when pursued even by the late Dictator.

I can assure you Mr. President, Somalia’s Most Beloved and Respected President will always be regarded by generations to come as a man of character and wisdom, who cared for his nation; he had the human strength to realize the country and the people whom he is one of deserved a leader equal to him in character and wisdom; and that is why he refused to return to politics while the likes of the abundant were in pursuit (or in possession) of the highest office of the nation. Somalia’s history will ALWAYS hold him HIGH IN SPIRIT and be KIND to him.
Now Mr. President, since the title of the “Most Beloved and Respected President” has already been claimed, will you take the NEXT NATIONAL TITLE --- such titles being bestowed upon one by the Will and Admiration of the public (for instance, Somalis, regardless of Tribe, hold President Adan Cade in High Spirit) --- and be wise enough to resist the minuscule politics of the few and build your image for the better days to come? If not, what will you leave for Somalia and the generations to come for some 20plus years in Somali politics?

I can assure you Mr. President, unless you win the hearts and minds of the people --- and of course the BEST TIME being when it is least expected from the unexpected from, and may I add most Somalis doubt you will stand to such a call by one of your nation’s citizens --- Somalia’s history will hardly remember Your Presidency with delight. After all, it is considered a failed Presidency in all aspects, regardless of the circumstances. Remember, you won’t be around in 50years to explain to such future generations why the TNG failed.

Please, don’t be consumed by the perceptions of the moment but of the future since the Future is Endless compared to the Current Seconds on the Clock.

You have already gained much for not having gone out publicly in opposition of the TFG, in response to those who were very vocal about your presidency. Now, no victory could be sweeter for you, I think, than the President who in fact worked with his foes for the betterment of the Somali nation. And your former opponents could lose no more ground to you in the eyes of the public than they would with you working with them for the sake of the nation, while denying them any ground to accuse you of working behind the scenes to derail TFG.

Arte Moalin III
The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer, and in no way, form or shape represent the editorial opinions of "the Center for Peace and Democracy in Somalia (CPD)"


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