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Friday, October 14, 2005

Roadmap to reconstruct the Somali Police Force finalised

Nairobi (13 October 2005) – The Somali Law Enforcement Seminar and Police Training Workshop to create a roadmap to guide the reconstruction of the Somali national civilian police force concluded today in Kampala.
The Seminar and Training Workshop, from 22 August to 13 October 2005, were officially requested by Hon. Ali Mohamed Gedi, the Prime Minister of the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) on 22 November 2004 to H.E. Mr. Yoweri K. Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda.
UNDP Rule of Law and Security Programme (ROLS) provided the necessary technical and financial support as part of its comprehensive programme to support the re-establishment of a civilian police force.“We are particularly grateful that the Republic of Uganda and the United Nations Development Programme are contributing to the re-establishment of a viable police force to carry out civilian protection throughout Somalia.
This can only enhance the peace achieved so far and is paramount to the reconciliation process.” Prime Minister Gedi said.Somali Police Commissioner General Ali Mohamed Hassan added, “This has been a most fruitful two months. The establishment of rule of law in this country is our highest priority, and this exercise has been particularly useful in tapping into our existing resources, and marrying them with international support.
”During the Law Enforcement Seminar, held in the first three weeks, high ranking officers of the former Somali Police Force worked on the two-year Development Plan for rebuilding and restructuring the police force that defined command and coordination structures, discussed the reactivation of police personnel, reviewed police regulations and laws, conducted a training needs analysis and selected officers to participate in the Training Workshop.In the second phase, the Police Training Workshop, a comprehensive training programme was developed including a training syllabus and manual, and trainers identified and trained.
A technical facilitation team composed of law enforcement experts from UNDP and the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and Ugandan police trainers assisted Somali counterparts through the process. The sixty five police officer participants were selected by the Somali Police Commissioner based on a field assessment, consultations and a number of key criteria (regional balance, police experience, academic background and rank).
“UNDP continues to be committed to the establishment of a civilian police force in Somalia, as this can only be a benefit for all of us,” UNDP Resident Representative Maxwell Gaylard said. “Not only does it allow for the protection of human life, but the culture of rule of law then triggers private investment and allows humanitarian and developmental organizations access into areas where they are needed, all which work towards improving the lives of the Somali people.
”In addition to the seminar and workshop, UNDP ROLS, in close cooperation with the TFG, has engaged in field missions to identify and prioritize police infrastructure rehabilitation.
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