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Monday, October 31, 2005

Conspirators and Co-conspirators of the Indigenous People

Most Somalis started noticing a lot about the ongoing plans or acts of authorizing or giving land rights to foreign petroleum and mining companies. Somalis also started noticing a growing interest of the foreign petroleum and mining companies in many parts of Somalia.
As the Puntaland officials did for their people, the purpose of my paper is to defend the environmental and human rights of the Digil & Mirifle communities. Because the prime minister and his co-conspirators consider that the mineral resources within its territory to be automatically governmentally owned, the idea of special rights and reparations for local communities are alien to it. Digil & Mirifle lands especially Digil, Bantu, Banaderi, Barawe, and Bajuni lands have been important to many other Somali tribes and warlords for two reasons: firstly, it has been termed the breadbasket of Rivers State, a major food producing area, and secondly, since the Italian colony it has been the source of more than billions of bananas, vital to Somali economy.

As it was recently reported by many thoughtful Somali statesmen, that there were a number of meetings in Nairobi hotels between the prime minister and interesting third parties that want to obtain land rights in Somalia. It was reported some of these third parties presented a map of Somalia with a big highlights of the areas of interest for possible mining operations.
These highlighted areas include mostly Puntaland and Digil lands of southern Somalia. Couple weeks after this alleged meeting took place, the prime minister’s inner-clan members and with the help of the co-conspirators (Indho Cadde) attacked and massacred the people of Heejo Mahaad and Kunyo Barrow, this conspiracy is now given the code name of (Baro-kicis).
The architectures of these conspiracies simply planed to attack the indigenous people of the above-mentioned areas and make them run and become refugees in other areas, so that the mining permission is given without the interference of the landowners. This was proofed by the silence of the so-called Somali government as well as the great interest that the prime minister has shown for Somali petroleum and mining deals. Well, this paper briefly discusses the ongoing conspiracies and the secret plans of the unlawful act against the indigenous people of the Digil & Mirifle, Banadiris, Bantus, Bajunis, and Barawanis.

It is clear that most of the Somali tribes are equally united on taking the lands of the indigenous people that belong the lands between the rivers of Juba and Shabelle, and the prime minister has same or similar view with these united tribes. Many more Somali tribes are made to believe that their sole existence depends on this unprotected wealth of agricultural lands of southern Somalia. Evidences that support this theory have been collected and many more are gathered in every minute of the hour.

If one pays attention into the activities of the prime minister, it will take no more than a minute to notice the conspiracies are planned to be committed against the people of Somalia. It is not obvious of who authorized the conspiracies? Why do many these opposing sides (including some of the Digil & Mirifle parliamentarians) participate in, authorize, or accept the conspiracies?
But it is obvious that these conspirators and co-conspirators share same vision and interest for power, control, domination, wealth, and their desire for the fertile and agricultural lands of Digil & Mirifle. Although they have different agendas and interest; the conspirator’s number one agenda is to gain power and control of Somalia, and they know that the power rests to the controller of the agricultural lands of the southern Somalia.
The prime minister is striving to gain power and control for his tribe, while the other conspirators want establish illegal and forced Islamic rule or government, so that they could win the hearts of the rich Arab Islamic fundamentalists by using their well known and planned techniques of engaging illegal or drug businesses, same as Talibans and other fundamentalists do.
The UN recently confirmed and reported that Indho Cadde has drug manufacturing plantations in southern Somali especially Digil lands. On the other side, the prime minister wants to gain mining deals so that he could become like Charles Taylor and many others who use diamonds to invest their struggle of becoming strongest warlord and dominant leader or accomplish domination power for his tribe.

I want to give a chance to my fallow Somalis to farther examine the underlying uniting factor or the shared vision of the conspirators (Mr. Prime Minister) and co-conspirators (Sheikh Awes, Indho Cadde, Qanyare, Sharif Hasan and etc). But for now, I want to remind those so-called tribal leaders and warlords that they are world’s greatest mass murders and the only barbaric leaders of the world today, that they carry enormous weight in decisions that they make to send their militias and tribal members into harms ways of taking up other people’s lands in the processes of gaining power, control, and domination over other tribes; the world is watching and history is recording your evil intentions.
I would humbly ask them, is this better way to watch your sons die, while the other sons are learning? Must countless millions of innocent lives be lost and the aim or the real result of this war never addressed or discussed?

The giant tribes, warriors, empires and mass murders existed yesterday; do not exist today, one must ask why? Because, Allah made and set rules, sent massagers to inform mankind about the rules, and has angels that enforce these divine rules. As the previous generations, warriors, and powerful tribes violated the divine rules of God, there was their fall. The weapons of war (teknicas and barons) have never kept transgressors like (Indho Cadde, Muse Sudi etc) from falling.
Look at Zulu tribes, pharaoh, Babylon, and Romans, back then they were the great warriors of the time, they took lands and violated God’s rule, thus they couldn’t escape that history with their power and weapons because there are no weapons and power greater than the power of Allah, and the law of justice that follows every action.

Finally, this paper serves as a warning to the foreign companies that are interested in investing mineral and petroleum deals in Somalia, especially southern part of Somali between the rivers of Juba and Shabelle. Foreign companies and other parties should not explore minerals and oil in the above-mentioned regions of Somali without consulting or compensating the indigenous people/landowners in any way. The Bantus, Banaderi, Barawanis, and Bajuni people are minority tribes, and thus have little political power, since the Somali constitution does not protect minority interests.
They have no mineral rights to their lands, since all mineral rights are forcefully and illegally owned by the state. They are expected to be passive victims when oil spills, blowouts, and invasive pipe laying cause environmental damage. Foreign companies who are interesting in mineral deals in Somalia should not hide behind the dictatorial thugs, and turn a blind eye to the damages and the serious human rights abuses that are caused by these warlords and their militias against the peace-loving people of the land.

“I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.”--Martin Luther King Jr.

Written by: Sakhawadin Mustafa
North Dakota State University

Five Minutes of Prayers for the Oppressed People of Somalia

This is an appeal for all peace loving Somalis; for those who care about the wellbeing of humanity; for those who hate injustice and for those who understand that freedom and justice are the two major pre-requisite for the development of any society. Now that we are approaching the last days of Ramadan, I am asking all of you to perform five minutes of prayers to remember the oppressed ones in our society; those labeled by the oppressors as LOOMA OOYO.

As we speak, there is a Somali from the Jareer community who is denied his paycheck after many days of hardworking. As we speak, there is a Banaadiri man whose tools and instruments used for making films are confiscated by an errant decision from a clan-based so-called Islamic court. As we speak, there is a Somali-woman from a minority clan who is raped in the presence of her husband and children. As we speak, there are Reer-Manyo, Bravanese and Baajuni fishermen in Mogadishu, lower Shabelle and Kismayu who are forced to work in fishing boats belonging to an oppressor.
As we speak there are Somalis in Afgoi, Golweyne, Janale, etc. forced to work in a farm with a minimum or no wage. As we speak there are hundreds of thousands Somalis in Benadir, lower Shabelle and Jubba forced to pay illegal taxes for any trivial item they bring for sale. As we speak there are many who are killed for no reason and many orphans left behind with no future.
Imagine you are five years old, and both your parents are killed in front of you, because a group of aggressive people want to takeover the piece of land your parents lived for generations and generations. Imagine, you are seven years old orphan girl sold as a slave to another family who don’t care about you and you have no one around to protect you. These are all facts that happened and still happening in the Southern Somalia.

For those of us in Diaspora who have the freedom to speak out and express ourselves with no fear to be retaliated, please join me to be the voice of those voiceless in our community. It is a religious and moral responsibility to speak out against injustice and evildoers. Let us show our compassionate and speak out against the oppression of Somali people in Benadirland, Somaliland, Puntland, Hiiraanland, Lower Shabelle and Jubba, Gedo, Bay and Bakool and elsewhere in Somalia.

I am asking five minutes of your time to think about the chilling events that we hear daily from a friend or read in the Somali media. I am asking five minutes of prayers in all Somali mosques in North America, Europe and Somalia to remember those of us who are exposed daily to cruel punishments and for those who died and killed for no reason. Let us remember them, let us tell them that our minds and hearts are with them. Let us assure them that we UNITED for JUSTICE can make big changes in their lives. Let us remember and express again our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of our hero Abdulkadir Yahye who was brutally killed by the enemy of peace in Somalia just a couple of months ago.

Let us pray for Mr. Sheikh Yusuf Indha Cadde, the newly crowned warlord and the so-called governor of Lower Shabelle who is now performing UMRA in Saudi Arabia to abandon his illegal administration; an administration that is leading to an economical genocide and an environmental catastrophe in Lower Shabelle.

Mr. Indha Cadde whose illegal administration is literally sucking the blood of poor Somalis is now performing religious duty some thousands of kilometers away from home. Let us just hope and pray for him to desert his ill-doings. It will be a major concern if he believes that his illegal administration is performing good deeds to the natives of Merka and lower Shabelle because that will alter any hope for a better change for the lives of the people in that region in the near future. Let us also pray for his servicemen and wish them to abandon serving his illegal activities.

Let us pray for BBC servicemen and clan based web-pages to abandon divulging clan propaganda and inciting emotional members of their clan for a war.

Most of us spend our time everyday to discuss who is right and who is wrong among the two opposing groups of the TFG in Somalia, but never spent a minute to think about the suffering of a great majority of our community members in Somalia.

Many of you might not like to be reminded about these facts because merely your objections are clan-based and incoherent. Time has come to wake up and call for justice in all the corners of Somalia. We should not be fooled by the criminal warlords; they represent nobody, but themselves. We ought to be realistic that peace will only be achieved if we stop supporting criminal elements in our society. The success of any government will depend on seriously addressing problems such as regional autonomy/federalism, the return of illegally acquired land and property and addressing human rights issues.

Somalis need to learn more to accept the diversity of cultural differences, which exist in a pluralistic society and endorse a society in which individuals of all cultures are accepted. This encourages a positive acceptance of tribal difference, cultures, and religious and recognizes such diversity as healthy.

The oppressed people of Somalia have indeed suffered for 15-years. They have been dispossessed and expelled; living under vicious rules for the past 15 years, without human rights, without civil rights, with even their own land and property taken from them, and with clan militiaman shooting at them at will. This has to stop once for all. Enough is enough. Let us unite to fight against injustice and be a voice for the voiceless in our community.

Best regards,
Dr. Ali Said Faqi

Somali warlords threaten to shoot down planes

Warlords in control of the lawless Somali capital threatened on Friday to shoot down planes that obey a new directive from the war-shattered nation's transitional government not to use airports they run.
Mogadishu warlord Musa Sudi Yalahow, who serves as trade minister in the splintered administration, said the bar on flights into the airstrips was an illegal attempt by embattled President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed to undermine his foes."This is aimed at undermining Mogadishu," he said.
"Any plane which diverts its flight because of this announcement will be punished. Our anti-aircraft weapons will not be silent and any plane that undermines it will be downed.""This is not to attack anybody, but is aimed at protecting the value of the Somali capital and to protect the interests of the people," said Yalahow, who added he spoke on behalf of other Mogadishu-based warlords opposed to Yusuf.
He did not explain how they would shoot down aircraft that avoided the territory they controlled.The threat came after Yusuf's faction of the government -- which is based in Jowhar, about 90km north of the capital, for security reasons -- announced it would no longer allow flights into two warlord-controlled airports.The ban affects Mogadishu's Daynile airport on the outskirts of the capital and the El-Ahmed airport in Merka about 100km south and takes effect on November 1, officials said.The transport ministry, under control of Yusuf's allies, said it had taken the move as part of efforts to boost the penniless government's near-non-existent tax base, as revenue from the airstrips in question currently goes to warlords.
"The ministry of transport has ordered flights not to land at the Daynile and El-Ahmed airports," it said in a statement released in Jowhar and sent to authorities in neighbouring countries."Instead, flights will be diverted to other airstrips at which the government is able to collect tax," it said.An official in Jowhar said the notice had been sent to civil aviation authorities in Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Yemen and United Arab Emirates from where most flights into Daynile and El-Ahmed depart.The official said the five other nations had agreed to enforce the ban as part of a broader package of measures aimed at strengthening the fledgling government.
Somalia has been without a functioning central administration since the 1991 ousting of strongman Mohamed Siad Barre.Yusuf's government is the latest in more than a dozen attempts to restore stability to the nation, but a dispute over the seat of the administration has left it virtually powerless.
Source: Mail & Guardian Online

InterWorld Radio News Bulletin

India has launched a hunt for the attackers who killed at least 60 people in a series of bomb blasts in the Capital Delhi on Saturday. The three blasts came within minutes of each other on Saturday night, when many people were out shopping ahead of Diwali and Eid. A little-known group called Inqilabi, thought to have links with Muslim militants operating in Kashmir, has said it carried out the attacks. The claims are yet to be verified. India is home to a huge variety of militant groups, some with very localised campaigns of violence.
Three girls have been beheaded and another badly injured on their way to school in central Indonesia on Saturday. The teenagers were walking to their Christian school near the town of Poso, in Sulawesi province, when their unidentified assailants struck. The girl who survived the attack is reported to be in a stable condition. The area has a long history of violence between Muslims and Christians. Central Sulawesi and Poso in particular was the scene of bitter fighting between Muslims and Christians in 2001 and 2002.
A Roman Catholic priest accused of four counts of genocide in Rwanda is due to start his defence at the war crimes tribunal in Tanzania. Father Athanase Seromba denies telling some 2,000 ethnic Tutsis to seek shelter in a church and then ordering its destruction. Father Seromba’s trial began in September 2004. He was the first Catholic priest to go on trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Some 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered in the 1994 killings.
Human Rights Watch has accused Côte d'Ivoire of recruiting former child soldiers and other fighters from war-ruined Liberia. 19 ex-combatants including three children from Liberia's 1989-2003 civil war, told the international rights group how they had been offered hundreds of dollars and clothing by recruiters, to cross into the neighbouring country to bolster their army. Ivory Coast has been in turmoil since rebels seized the north in 2002. Widespread fighting ended in early 2004 when a peace deal was struck, but few of the pact's tenets have been put into place and the country remains divided. The Ivorian government has denied Human Right Watch's allegations.
Warlords in control of the lawless Somali capital have threatened to shoot down planes they believe to have been redirected away from their airstrips. The Prime Minister of the nation's transitional government, Ali Mohammed Ghedi, ordered the closure of airtrips controlled by the warlords, in an attempt to bring law and order to Somalia. Somali warlord Musa Sudi Yalahow said the ban was an illegal attempt by the Prime Minister to undermine his enemies. The airstrips have been an important source of revenue for warlords since the central government collapsed in 1991. Some 10 plane loads of the mild narcotic leaf, khat, arrive in Mogadishu every day.
Mozambique has become the latest African country to announce a ban on poultry imports from European countries that have reported cases of the bird flu virus. The ban comes amid fears that the H5N1 virus could spread to Africa from Europe as birds migrate. The move follows similar measures taken by Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia to prevent the spread of the virus from affected countries. Recent cases of the deadly strain of avian flu have emerged in birds in Croatia, Romania, Turkey and Russia. No human cases have been reported in Europe.
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