Center for Peace and Democracy (CPD)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Human Rights Violations in Galgadud and South Mudug regions


A new civil war broke out and it is the civilians who suffer most. The fighting between the two neighboring clans in Galgadud and South Mudug regions of Somalia intensified with one more clan joined giving support to one of the warring clans. This has inflamed and worsened the situation and created a negative impact on those involved in the mediation process. At least they will be forced to change strategy and look for new ways and means to mediate the warring parties.

These clans having fighting in Galgadud and South Mudug regions for about two years and their fighting is based on land dispute and land ownership in the concerned areas

The last five days only the fighting left 60 people dead, fifteen of them innocent civilians and wounded 90 more while twenty-two of them are in a critical health condition. The medical facility in the area is very poor while there are insufficient of doctors and medical supplies available at the place.

This has degenerated the livelihood conditions of the major pastoral communities, which were paralyzed and debilitated by severe drought, painful food crisis, and shortage of water supplies, malnutrition, human and livestock diseases.

In addition to that, the presence of the international organizations and or agencies is very inadequate compared to the other regions of Southern Somalia. These two regions host the smallest number of the international organizations working in Somalia even though the attendance of the international organizations in Somalia is always very unsatisfactory compared to the needs and the vulnerability of the Somali populace in general.


It is not the international agencies or organizations that are mostly needed in Galgadud and South Mudug regions but also the existence of Local Non Governmental Organizations (LNGOs) and or Community Based Organizations (CBOs) is below zero while measured up to the other parts of Somalia.

The Center for Peace and Democracy (CPD) assessing the situation, analyzing the need and considering the rights of the people under these regions have set up its head quarter in Central Zone Somalia in 2004. Since then, CPD carried out quite a number of activities in the above regions by empowering the Traditional leaders, Women groups, Youth organizations, Community elders, School teachers, Religious groups and so forth holding them for workshops, seminars, symposiums and open discussions and lectures.

During the above exercise, the Center for Peace and Democracy (CPD) used and applied conflict transformation tools, conflict resolution strategies, mediation tactics, negotiation skills, peaceful transformation systems, working for peace programs and applying lessons of success extracted from some other countries in the world.

CPD provided quite a number of workshops and seminars where the importance of promoting peace and democracy has for the global people in general and to the residents of Hiran, Galgadud and South Mudug regions in particular.

As indicated by a short and quick survey conducted by CPD in the last three months, the power of the traditional leaders, community elders, women groups, youth organizations and the religious groups has increased considerably after the workshops, seminars and symposiums provided by CPD. They have doubled their activities in favor of the community while they now normally participate conflict and violence cessation activities in the areas concerned.

The quick survey has also indicated the need for CPD to continue its operations and showed the absence of international support in the areas concerned. We cannot take too lightly the need for international support to enable CPD continue its operations in the long run.

The provision of funds and grants to support the work CPD is currently doing in Central Zone Somalia will be a benefit to the targeted beneficiaries in the above concerned regions as well as to the Somali citizens in general and the global world because building peace and democracy in one part of the world is always a mutual benefit to the rest of the world.
Creating a democratic world free from terrorism, terrorist perpetrators, warlords, interest driven dictators and so forth needs the cooperation and collaboration of civil society organizations around the world. This effort also needs qualified and noble human resources, leadership, and ambition, moral and material support where all units of the stakeholders will be engaged into the exercise for the common good of all.

Each organ of the stakeholders system is unique and therefore significant for the smooth running of the whole operation. Donors will be important for they are covering almost all the necessary expenses the program needs, implementing local organizations or CBOs are also important for the reason that they are doing the job technically with their hands, and the other parts of the stakeholders have their own consequence over the smooth running of the whole program AND the absence of one of the stakeholders organs will make the program unproductive and imperfect. This means each organ is complementary to the other organ of the stakeholders.

Human Rights Violations:

Whenever a fighting broke, the result is a human catastrophic death and loss of properties. The damage and the destruction a single war might result will be different from that of another war because the magnitude is not always the same.

The wounds suffered by human and livestock, the destruction of properties, the displacement of innocent inhabitants are always the signs of violence and instability in one area or another causing huge violations of human rights.

For the last five days (7th January – 11th January 2006) only, three deadly successive fighting’s in Galgadud and South Mudug regions of Somalia left 60 people dead, quarter of them innocent civilians, 90 people wounded, twenty-two of them in a critical condition, hundreds and hundreds of families left displaced and thousands more traumatized by the magnitude of war. It could not be underestimated the degree of loss of properties.

This has worsened the situation of the already suffering communities badly hit by severe droughts, famine, and malnutrition, human and animal diseases. Besides that, the health facilities of the hospitals in the area are very insufficient, water and pasture is very inadequate for the pastoral communities.

Due to the above consecutive violence, it is not only the combatants whom the war has an effect on but the innocent civilians are those paying huge prices as the result. Children are killed, women raped, innocent elders killed and or kidnapped for ransom and many more brutal and unscrupulous actions reported by our people on the ground in Galgadud and South Mudug regions

CPD has conducted quite a number of workshops, seminars and other activities in Galgadud and South Mudug in an effort to empower the traditional leaders, community elders, religious groups, youth groups and women groups and by providing awareness regarding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and how necessary it is all sides to respect and promote the application of those conventions.

Throughout the above activities CPD has emphasized the rights of non-combatants as well as the combatants and need for justice and protection among all the groups.

CPD has reminded all stakeholders concerned the need for them to play their roles and take responsibility, reiterating the need for the traditional leaders, elders and religious groups and women to take the lead in closing down the hostilities. The power, ambition and the willingness for the stakeholders to take in charge and cease the hostilities have improved to some extent but not yet enough to take complete effect.

The need for CPD to continue such activities in empowering the community leaders, elders, women and religious groups and by providing them with all necessary tools and knowledge such as conflict resolution, conflict transformation, mediation process, negotiation skills, the best way to work for peace, the anatomy of peace, the biology of peace and the right and the need for peace by every one.

Constraints Faced:

Without the necessary financial resources, no organization or company will ever exist and reach its desired goals in the long run. Each organization needs to secure financial resources to smoothly operate and implement its mission.

The Center for Peace and Democracy (CPD) has done all it could to protect the rights of all the people in Somalia weather combatants and noncombatants and convinced the majority of Somali people to know their rights of expression, freedom of speech, rights to live in peace and security, rights to education and the rights to political and social participation, rights to assembly and non violent organizations.

Even though CPD has noble, qualified human resources, the ambition and the willingness to do the job, but is unfortunately lacking the sufficient financial and logistical support to carry out its operations successfully and proficiently.

The lack of financial and logistical assistances has hindered our mission and will cause CPD to shortfall its vision in the long run.

Need for Funds

I am once again asking your deemed office, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which as far as I know provides funding and grants to organizations involved in promoting global democracy and peace to support the operations and activities of the Center for Peace and Democracy (CPD) which has been actively doing in favor of global democracy and peace since its establishment in 2003.

We are just lacking the financial as well as logistical assistance to support our operations but we do have the necessary credibility, name, and goodwill, have influence to the stakeholders and hope you will take your position and complement our operations for the common good of global democracy and peace.

We are kindly waiting your approval for the project proposal (Hostilities Cessation Project in Galgadud and South Mudug), which I have submitted to you earlier.

In addition to that, please share this brief report with us, which will give you full picture of the current situation in the proposed project area.

It is our responsibility to brief the international community about the current situation on the ground as when necessary. We will not be fooled to provide you with the human rights violation and atrocities against the innocent people in our areas as well as Somalia as a whole.

The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer, and in no way, form or shape represent the editorial opinions of "the Center for Peace and Democracy in Somalia (CPD)"